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 Posting Number: 18-03
 Project Name: Critical Areas Code Update RFP
 Opening Date: 2/23/2018
 Opening Time: 8:30:00 AM
 Due Date: 3/21/2018
 Due Time: 5:00 pm
 Status: Open

Critical Areas Code Update – Date Issued: February 23, 2018

1. Purpose and Background

The City of Mercer Island wishes to engage a consultant to assist City staff with 1) an update of its Critical Areas code (Mercer Island City Code (MICC) Sections 19.07.010 through 19.07.090, adopted in 2005) in accordance with Chapter 36.70A Revised Code of Washington (RCW); and 2) the periodic update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) (MICC 19.07.110, adopted in 2015) in accordance with RCW 90.58.080.
Areas expected to be addressed include, but are not limited to:
  • Review of changes in the Shoreline Management Act and Washington State Department of Ecology’s shoreline-related rules since City’s last SMP update
  • Potential code changes resulting from updated Best Available Science (BAS)
  • Standards and definitions of piped watercourses
  • Inclusion of avoidance sequencing standards
  • Clarification of mitigation and monitoring requirements
  • Review of standards for allowed alterations within Critical Areas
  • Review for consistency with the City’s Sustainability Plan, Parks’ Master Plans, and other related City documents
The City anticipates that the proposed Critical Areas update and periodic update to the Shoreline Master Program will be reviewed by the Planning Commission in the second half of 2018, with adoption by the City Council in 2019.

2. Scope of Work

A. Services to be provided by consultant

Product.  A written report compiling, analyzing and synthesizing the BAS research and analysis materials, literature review, agency guidance and comments, peer review information, public comments and any related materials for the City’s use in the review and amendment adoption process.  The intent is to provide a single source document supporting any proposed code amendments.  Depending on the accepted proposal, additional products may be required to support the implementation of the “Increased Responsibilities” described below.

Responsibilities.  The following responsibilities are separated into two categories – “basic” and “increased” consultant responsibilities.  As noted in section 3, please provide an estimated proposed budget for each category as described below.

Basic Responsibilities:
  1. Meet with City staff to review/refine objectives and confirm known topics.
  2. Research peer jurisdictions’ critical areas regulations with emphasis on neighboring jurisdictions.
  3. Identify and research Best Available Science on Critical Areas found on Mercer Island.
  4. Research Best Available Science information requests by the public, Planning Commission, City Council, and staff.
  5. Review applicable case law and statutory laws, including amendments and case law since 2005 relating to Critical Areas and amendments and case law since 2012 related to shorelines.
  6. Consult with relevant State and Federal agency staff and tribes.
  7. Prepare a written report describing the process, findings, analysis, options, and recommendations for proposed amendments, based upon the consultant’s technical review.
  8. Provide technical review comments on draft code amendment alternatives.
  9. Review and edit draft(s) code amendment ordinances for Planning commission and City Council public hearing(s).
Increased Responsibilities:
  1. Development presentation materials for public, Planning Commission, and City Council review.
  2. Attend (three to five) public meetings before the Planning Commission and City Council. Review testimony, answer questions, and if needed, suggest revisions to code.
  3. Review of, and assist staff in preparation of the response to public and agency comments.
  4. Develop educational materials for Planning Commission, City Council, and public consumption.  Materials will address 1) Best Available Science findings and 2) revised code, which may include up to five written 1-2 page handouts for a general audience, and/or up to five online videos with a duration of approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Complete Department of Ecology Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review Checklist
  6. Provide technical review of between two to five staff-prepared “beta tests” applying the proposed code language to a project site plan to be performed in-house by staff.
  7. Review revised document(s) and staff report in response to Planning commission recommendations and public comment, for review by city council and the public.
  8. Review and edit final document(s) based on city council direction.
  9. Preparation of a non-project SEPA checklist and supporting analysis of proposed amendments.

B. Services to be provided by the City

  1. Preparation of draft code amendments and supporting legislative documents (e.g. agenda bills, ordinances, SEPA determinations, etc.)
  2. Provision of background documents, maps, aerial photos, site-specific information, etc.
  3. Management of public involvement process including scheduling meetings, hearings, drafting agendas, and publishing copying and mailing of public notices.
  4. Maintenance of the official public record.
  5. Final printing and reproduction of all reports and documents.
  6. Availability for regular meetings with consultant to monitor schedule and products.

3. Evaluation Criteria

The City will select qualified firms to interview based on the following: Qualifications/similar work experience to this request for proposal, reasonable budget, and the demonstrated ability to complete work products and responsibilities on time and within budget. 

A. Qualifications:

  1. For each member of your team proposed to work on this project, provide up to three examples of prior relevant projects.  Include the name of the project(s); dates of the projects(s); client/organization name and contact information; and roles/responsibilities.  The technical writing ability for at least the team member(s) who will prepare the written materials  must be discussed and samples of past work is encouraged. 
  2. Provide information demonstrating the organizational structure of your team, reporting relationships between individual team members and the physical location of the offices from which the work will be performed.

B. Compensation:

Each firm is required to submit a preliminary estimated budget based on a scope of work prepared in accordance with the work products and responsibilities described in this RFP, with any recommended changes clearly noted, and listed separately.  Please clearly identify budget required to complete the “Increased Responsibilities” under section 2.A.

The city will compensate the consultant based upon approval of work products and submittal of timely and accurate invoices.  Only those hours needed to complete the agreed-upon tasks shall be invoiced and paid.   Additional work outside of the scope of work shall not be authorized for payment by the city without prior written approval.

4. Submittal Requirements

A.  Letter of transmittal.

Please include a transmittal letter.  This will be included in the below described page count.

B.  Qualifications.

Please describe qualifications as outlined in Section 3.A of this RFP including a resume for each team member from your firm proposed to work on this project.  Resumes and samples of technical writing (section 3.A.1) are not included in the page count.

C.  Scope of Work.

The final scope of work shall be negotiated following acceptance of a proposal by the city.  The final scope of work shall include hours, hourly costs and work task/products in accordance with this RFP.

D. References

Include contact information for at least three (3) references, preferably for projects similar in scope and nature to the Critical Area code update and periodic Shoreline Master Program update.

E. Proposal

A complete set of submittal materials must be received via email no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.   The submittal is limited to a maximum of ten pages, formatted for 8.5” x 11” paper with text font size no smaller than 12 point (text within charts and/or graphs may be smaller than 12 point but must be readable size font).  Pertinent experience should be covered in the body of the proposals as any appendices may or may not be reviewed.

Proposals received later than the submittal deadline will not be accepted.  The City of Mercer Island will not be liable for delays in delivery of proposals due to email or other internet-based services.  Faxed or mailed submittals will not be accepted. Please see Section 6 for city staff contact.

5. RFP Schedule

These dates are estimates and are subject to change by the City.
Milestone Date
Issue RFP Feb. 23, 2018
Questions (if any) Due Mar. 9, 2018
City Response to Questions Mar. 14, 2018
Proposal Responses Due Mar. 21, 2018
Short List Consultant Presentations Week of Apr. 2, 2018 or Apr. 9, 2018
Offer made April 2018

6. RFP Staff Contacts

Questions regarding the submittal process, technical aspects of the project, and final submittals should be directed to the staff listed below. 

Robin Proebsting, Senior Planner
(206) 275-7717

Substantive questions should be submitted via email; a written response will be provided to all participating parties.

Click here to download the RFP as described above. 



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