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2009-2015 SMP Update

March 2015: Dept of Ecology issues formal approval. 
(Click here to view approval letter)

Dec 2013: City Council Adopts Ordinance No. 13C-12 Approving the Shoreline Master Program(Click here to see Mayor Bassett's letter to the Dept. of Ecology and the adopted ordinance)
Please note: The ordinance was sent to the Dept. of Ecology for its review and formal action.

March 16, 2012 Shoreline Master Program Draft Submittal to the Department of Ecology:

Click to view

City Council Meeting Schedule

For SMP related City Council packets, please click the links provided for each meeting.

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule: 
Click here to access the Planning Commission site.

For SMP related Planning Commission packets, please click the links provided for each meeting.

For items not contained within the Planning Commission packets, but that became part of the meeting record, please click the "Additional Meeting Items" links.  These items may include appearances sign in sheets, letters to the Commission, and supporting documents.

Shoreline Master Program Submittal to the Department of Ecology

Submittal Cover Letter

Mercer Island SMP March 2012 Submittal - Table of Contents

Shoreline Master Program Submittal Checklist

Attachment 1 – City of Mercer Island Resolution No. 1440: Intent to Adopt An Update of the Shoreline Master Program
Attachment 2 – Shoreline Analysis/Inventory

Attachment 3 – Cumulative Impacts Analysis

Attachment 4 – Mercer Island Code Title 19: Unified Land Development Code

Attachment 5 – Mercer Island Code Title 15: Water, Sewers and Public Utilities

Attachment 6 – Mercer Island Code Title 17: Construction Codes

Attachment 7 – SEPA Compliance Documentation

Attachment 8 – Public Involvement Documentation
8.1 – Outreach Activities Log
8.2 – Mailing and Email Lists
8.3 – SMP Open House
8.4 – Planning Commission Meetings and Hearings (Note: Public Comments Contained within Individual Meeting and Hearing Packets)
8.4.1 – 4/15/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.2 - 5/6/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.3 – 6/17/2009 Planning Commission Meeting 
8.4.4 – 7/1/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.5 – 7/15/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.6 – 8/5/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.7 – 8/19/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.8 – 9/2/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.9 – 9/16/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.10 – 10/7/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.11 – 10/21/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.12 – 11/4/2009 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.13 – 1/20/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.14 – 2/17/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.15 – 3/3/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.16 – 3/17/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.17 – 4/21/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.18 – 5/5/2010 Planning Commission Hearing
8.4.19 – 5/19/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.20 – 6/16/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.21 – 10/20/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.22 – 11/3/2010 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.23 – 1/5/2011Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.24 – 1/19/2011 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.25 – 2/2/2011 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.26 – 3/2/2011 Planning Commission Meeting
8.4.27 – 3/16/2011 Planning Commission Hearing
8.4.28 – 4/6/2011 Planning Commission Meeting
8.5 – City Council Meetings and Hearing

Attachment 9 – Department of Ecology Letters

Attachment 10 – Growth Management Act Notice of Proposed Amendment

Shoreline Related Publications and Papers

Below are links to some shoreline related publications and papers that have been presented or referenced as part of the City of Mercer Island Shoreline Master Program:
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