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9611 SE 36th Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Phone: 206-275-7905
Contact: Jennifer Franklin, Emergency Manager
Email: jennifer.franklin@. . .
Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Mon - Fri)
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Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Teams

Because the Emergency Management Office consists of only one staff person, most of the projects and programs dealing with emergency preparedness are entirely volunteer based. Within each of the committees listed below, citizens who are willing to volunteer their expertise in the event of a disaster have been coached in a specific field, although cross-training is highly encouraged.

Click on the links below to learn more about each team:

You can help!

We are always looking for more volunteers.  Click here for information and the volunteer application.


Contact Emergency Manager Jennifer Franklin at 206-275-7905 or at


Administration Team

The Administration Team's responsibilities include: updating Volunteer resource book, assisting the resource lead in updating the resource data base, assisting HR in registering and tracking volunteers, providing volunteers with badges/vests, assigning volunteers to teams based on abilities, assisting with mailings to citizens and volunteers, prepare City Hall Court room and for registration and volunteer use during a disaster.

Animal Shelter Team

The Animal Shelter Team provides medical care for injured animals utilizing Veterinary Clinics on Mercer Island. The team lead will identify Veterinarians and volunteers that are willing to assist in the care of the animals at shelters in case of a disaster.

Business Community Team

The business community team will work with businesses on Mercer Island to assist them in preparing to shelter their employees for 7 days. They will further work to gain MOU's with businesses for assistance in a disaster.

Childcare Team

The childcare team is tasked with assisting at shelters and EOC with childcare. They will assist in preparing every pre-school / childcare facility on the Island prepared to care for clients for up to 7 days.

Community Mental Health Team

The City is pleased to have a strong Community Mental Health Response Team available to us in times of need. The Team is comprised of City staff and citizens trained in stress reduction techniques and more.
Dr. John Dunne is the 2006 Mental Health Chair Lead and can be reached at (206) 232-5389.

Damage Assessment Team

The damage assessment team will assist DSG with windshield surveys and assessing damage. MIRO and Transportation Team members will be attached to damage assessment teams, relaying information back to the EOC.

Disaster Medical Team

The City is pleased to have a Disaster Health and Medical Response Program in place under the auspices of Dr. Carter Hill and Patti Darling. This team is in the process of identifying Island residents who have the skills and desire to assist in a disaster.

Faith Community Team

The Faith Community Team will establish warming/cooling centers for their congregation and neighbors. The church/synagogue sites will potentially partner with the Red Cross as emergency shelter locations.

Resource Team

The resource team will assist in obtaining MOU's with local businesses and citizens for the use of resources in the event of a disaster. They will further document these resources and assist the shelters and EOC in their distribution.

Senior Care Team

The Senior Care Team will assist at shelters with senior care. They are tasked to assist senior facilities in getting a disaster plan in place. They are also responsible for creating a Mercer Island vulnerable needs list.

Shelter Team

The City of Mercer Island has currently one shelter site located at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center (MICEC). Due to the 300 person limit for sheltering at the MICEC, it is imperative that Island residents be prepared to shelter in place for up to 7 days. Taking care of yourselves and neighbors is paramount as city resources and staff are limited and more likely than not will be unavailable in a catastrophic event. The Sheltering Committee's primary responsibilities are to assist in caring for citizens at the shelter site and is currently led by John Frazier.

Transportation Team

The Transportation team will procure and create agreements with other entities for resources needed to facilitate transportation after a disaster. These modes of transport will include water, air, and land. It will also create a current list of volunteers that can operate the various transportation equipment. Post-disaster, the team will assist all teams in maneuvering around Mercer Island, assist city staff in transporting necessary personnel to the Island, and assist in evacuation measures if necessary.


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