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Island Crest Way 2012 Resurfacing Project

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Island Crest Way graphics

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Neighborhood: Mid-Island
Exact Location: Island Crest Way between Merrimount Drive and SE 53rd Street
Project Type: Street
Description:  This project will change Island Crest Way to a three-lane configuration: one in each direction with a center two-way turn lane. In addition to repaving and restriping of the roadway, the scope of this project includes storm drainage repairs and improvements, curb and sidewalk work at street intersections, resurfacing portions of the existing asphalt sidewalks, and crosswalk improvements at SE 46th and SE 48th Streets.
The City will also be repaving the residential streets of 88th Avenue (from SE 45th to SE 47th Streets), SE 47th Street (from Island Crest Way to 90th Avenue), and 90th Avenue (from 4600 to 5200 blocks). Paving of these streets will occur in late summer, after the resurfacing of Island Crest Way has been completed.
Total Project Budget (2012): $1,653,797

Construction Contract Amount: $1,244,862
Project Timeline (Estimate): starting June 25 and planned to be completed by Labor Day
Paving Island Crest Way
Paving Island Crest Way
Project Status (as of 9/13/2012): 

Work on the Island Crest Way project is wrapping up, but there are still a few things left to complete.

Since the last update, the pavement marking subcontractor has completed all the pavement markings and has also installed the extruded curbing for the crosswalk refuge islands at SE 46th and SE 48th and the mailbox drop-off loop at the 5200 block. Lakeside Industries crews have completed the last remaining areas of asphalt and have also placed topsoil and bark mulch along most of the new sidewalk areas. Over the next couple of weeks the last items of work will be completed: new sign installation, irrigation system repairs, concrete sidewalk pouring to finish off the mailbox/bus stop landing at the 5200 block, reinstall the mailbox and bench, and a few utilities still need adjusting in shoulder areas.

While the project is essential “done”, the contractor will continue to have small crews on site doing these smaller work items for the next couple of weeks.

Thank you in advance for your patience during these upcoming roadway improvements. For more information about these projects, please contact Clint Morris, the City’s Street Engineer, at

Click to view the letter sent to residents that either have frontage on ICW Phase 1 or must access their homes from within the ICW Phase 1 construction limits.

Click to view graphics presented at the May 21, 2012 Council Meeting.

Project Updates:

6/20/2012: Resurfacing of Island Crest Way will occur this summer between Merrimount Drive and SE 53rd Street. The City’s contractor, Lakeside Industries, is planning to begin work the week of June 25. Activities for the first two weeks of construction will include surveying, mobilization, saw cutting, and storm drainage work. Concrete curb and sidewalk work will follow in early July. Staff is anticipating that the paving of the roadway will be completed by mid-August, and all work on the project should be finished by Labor Day. During construction, the roadway will have one traffic lane open in each direction most of the time.  Please expect driving delays through this busy corridor and understand that delays may vary from day to day, based upon where the crews are working and what they are doing. Also, please be aware of moving construction equipment, watch for flaggers, and follow their directions.

7/6/2012: Construction activities on Island Crest Way began on June 25th. Over the past two weeks, the City's contractor, Lakeside Industries, has removed the existing landscaped medians in the center of the roadway and has also begun installing new storm drainage. The removal of the center islands caused some traffic backups, but has now improved the contractor's ability to keep traffic flowing through the work zone. The goal is to keep two lanes of traffic open for most of this project's duration. 

Next week, work will continue on installing storm drainage pipes and catch basins, primarily along the northbound side of the road from 5200 block north to 86th Avenue. The electrical subcontractor should be installing conduit for several new street lights along the project, and crews may be doing more preparation for new curb and sidewalk areas. Additionally, some watermain work will be starting in the Merrimount Drive intersection on the northbound side.

This work is separate from the resurfacing contract, but needs to get installed prior to repaving of Island Crest Way.
Drivers can expect to see one or two lanes of Island Crest Way closed during construction hours next week, with traffic shifting to other lanes. Please be aware of these lanes shifts and allow some extra time to drive down Island Crest Way.  Concrete curb and sidewalk work is tentatively planned to begin the week of July 16, and the watermain work at Merrimount should be wrapping up by July 20th.

7/13/2012: This week on Island Crest Way, the contractor installed storm drainage pipes and catch basins along the northbound side of the road from the 5200 block up to 86th Avenue and began saw cutting and pavement removals in advance of new curb and sidewalk work. Also this week, watermain work at the Merrimount Drive intersection got underway. The electrical subcontractor did not start his work this week as previously planned.

Next week we should get the remaining storm drainage work completed and the watermain work at Merrimount Drive should also wrap up. The electrical contractor will be installing conduit for several new street lights along the project, and curb and sidewalk prep will continue. We hope to get a concrete crew on site later in the week to begin curb work. They will start at the south end of the job and progress northward. Two lanes of Island Crest will continue to be closed during working hours, so allow a little extra time to drive through the work zones.

7/20/2012: This week has seen good progress on Island Crest Way. We have installed new concrete curbs at the mailbox drop off area in the 5200 block, in the 4800 block, and at 86th Avenue, and Lakeside Industries crews continue to prepare additional areas this week that will get new concrete next week. The storm drainage subcontractor will be completing the last of their underground work this Friday, and the electrical sub should be almost done with their work by Friday as well. Additionally, the small watermain project at the Merrimount Drive intersection was finished on Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule.

Next week will focus primarily on concrete curbs and sidewalk work: prepping, setting forms, pouring, patching back in front of curbs. You will see crews stretched out along most of the project length, because there is concrete work to do at every intersection. Traffic will continue to be reduced to one lane in each direction, but next week you will likely see work zones on both sides of Island Crest. Please be aware of these crews and allow a little extra time to drive through the area.

7/27/2012: This week’s focus on Island Crest Way has been on new concrete curbs. We have poured most of them, but still have a few areas of fill-in to do. Crews were also busy with removal of asphalt sidewalk areas planned for replacement as well as patching along the new curbs. The electrical subcontractor successfully completed their conduit bore under Island Crest Way (saving us from having to trench across all four lanes) and the storm drainage subcontractor has completed all of their work.

Next week’s push will be to prep and pour the new concrete sidewalk areas and ADA ramps along the east side of the project and to grade and repave the asphalt sidewalks along the west side of the project. In addition, some widening work at Merrimount Drive should be completed. We will continue to have a long work zone next week, since the sidewalk work is spread out along the entire length of the job. You will continue to see traffic reduced to one lane in each direction during work hours. For the week of August 6, we will be grinding the full width of the roadway in preparation for the asphalt overlay. Repaving is currently set for the week of August 13, but specific days have not been scheduled yet.

8/6/2012: Last week on Island Crest Way, the focus of work was on completing the concrete and asphalt sidewalk areas. Wilson Concrete Construction completed all of their remaining concrete curbs, sidewalks, and ADA sidewalk ramp pours by Thursday. An asphalt crew from Lakeside Industries spent three days paving asphalt sidewalks along the west side of Island Crest. They still have a few sidewalk areas left, and will hopefully complete these as well as some driveway connections during the week of August 6.

For the week of August 6, the focus will be on pavement grinding and patching. We will be removing two inches of Island Crest Way’s pavement across its full width in preparation for the new asphalt overlay. This work is expected to take three days to complete. Crews will work on milling the southbound side first, then switch to the northbound side. Two lanes will remain open for traffic during most of this work; however, short closures of a lane may be necessary to maneuver the milling machine or the dump trucks. Once the mainline of Island Crest Way is planed down, crews will switch to grinding the side street connections (i.e. Merrimount, SE 46th, SE 47th, SE 48th) and will also do some full depth pavement removals. The purpose of the pavement repair work is to remove fatigued portions of the underlying pavement and patch back with new asphalt prior to the street repaving. We expect to have the milling machine on site all week in order to complete all of the grinding and pavement repairs.

Please expect driving delays and a lot of dump trucks in the work zone this week. Also, please drive carefully on the grooved pavement surfaces left by the milling machine.

Paving of Island Crest Way is scheduled for August 14 and 15, with side street connections planned for the 16th. These will likely be long work days, starting at 7 AM and possibly going until 7 PM. To reduce the number of days needed for paving, the contractor plans to pave the entire southbound side on the first day using two paving machines and two crews. Then the entire northbound side will be paved on the second day, again with double crews and equipment. As with the grinding operations this week, the paving operations will involve a lot of equipment and a lot of dump trucks. These paving days will have the worst traffic delays of the whole project. Please expect to wait several minutes to get through the area and consider using East or West Mercer Ways to reach the southern part of the Island.

8/13/2012: Last week on Island Crest Way, the focus was on pavement grinding and patching. Two inches of the existing pavement was removed across the full width of Island Crest as well as all the side street connections. The contractor also completed their pavement repair (patching) work.

This week Island Crest Way will be repaed as follows:

On Tuesday (8/14) the entire southbound side from Merrimount to SE 53rd will be paved using two paving machines and two crews. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained on the east half of the roadway as much as possible; however, one lane of alternating traffic will be maintained right next to the paving machines because the roadway is not quite wide enough for traffic to safely clear these machines. Paving is scheduled to begin at 7:30 and will likely go until after 5 PM.

On Tuesday morning, Merrimount Drive will be closed to traffic between WMW and ICW for about two hours (from 7 am to 9 am) so the contractor can pave and roll across the intersection. Downhill traffic for Merrimount will be detoured all the way to SE 68th Street. Uphill traffic for Merrimount will be detoured north on WMW to 78th Avenue, then onto SE 40th. The contractor will install detour signage in the early morning. Uphill traffic on Merrimount will likely be closed until noon. Side streets will be closed briefly while the crews pave past them. The contractor will position flagmen at each of these intersections as they are closed. Once the rollers can do an initial breakdown roll, cars will be let across at these intersections. Please expect driving delays on ICW, and consider using EMW or WMW if you need to get to the southern part of the island.

To add to Tuesday’s activity, the School District is having two portable classroom buildings delivered to Island Park Elementary. The contractor’s traffic control crew will assist these tractor-trailer rigs in getting through the paving work zone and into the school. This is scheduled for 1:00 PM and will cause some additional traffic delays because at 14’ wide, the trailers will need two lanes to fit past the paving train.

On Wednesday, the entire northbound side will be paved going southbound (pavers prefer to go uphill when possible) using the same process and times as Tuesday. Again, side streets will be closed as the paving passes by them, but cars will be detoured north and south along 88th and 90th Avenue to get in and out of the neighborhoods east of ICW. Traffic will be running on the freshly paved southbound side and flaggers will be positioned at intersections as needed. Metro routes turning on and off 86th Ave have been rerouted for Wednesday. Again, please expect driving delays on ICW, and consider using EMW or WMW if you need to get to the southern part of the Island. By using two paving crews on these two days, the contractor is compressing three to four days of paving work into two.

On Thursday, crews will be paving all the side street connections: Merrimount, 86th Ave, SE 46, SE 47, SE 48, SE 53rd, etc. The order in which these will be done is not known. Merrimount traffic will again be detoured for several hours while it is paveed. Metro buses using ICW and 86th Ave will again be on a temporary reroute for Thursday. Driving delays on Thursday should not be as severe as Tuesday and Wednesday. Also on Thursday, another set of classroom buildings is being delivered to Island Middle School, so traffic may be stopped briefly around 1:00 PM for these tractor-trailers to be escorted down ICW.

Striping is scheduled for the week of August 27. Some of the pavement marking materials being used have a recommend 14-day cure time for the new asphalt before their application. We will install temporary striping as each day’s paving gets completed, which will stay in place until the permanent markings can be installed. Aside from this slight striping delay, the project is on schedule.

Police and Fire vehicles will be given access to any areas along the project in an emergency.

8/17/2012:The repaving of Island Crest Way was completed on schedule this week, with crews placing over 4000 tons of hot mix asphalt on Tuesday and Wednesday along the mile-long project area. Traffic delays on Tuesday were long at times, but the work was wrapped up before most of the evening commuters came home. On Wednesday, traffic volumes were lighter, likely due to many Islanders opting to travel East and West Mercer Ways to avoid the paving. Yesterday (Thursday), crews paved the side street connections along the project, with the exception of the east side of SE 47th Street and 90th Avenue. These two streets approaches will be paved as part of the 2012 Residential Street Overlay project (which paves 88th Avenue, SE 47th Street, and 90th Avenue), set to begin after Labor Day.

For next week, the contractor will likely be raising utility structures (manholes, catch basins, water valve boxes) to the grade of the new street. This will require jack hammering some of the new pavement around these castings in order to raise them. This is a necessary part of the repaving process, as these utility covers provide access to our sewer, water, and drainage systems. Adjusting these covers ahead of the paving is problematic, because that forces the paving crew to match them, which in turn can lead to a bumpy or wavy riding pavement, as the paving machine dips or rises to meet them. Paving over these various utility covers and raising them up later produces a better riding roadway, but it means some small patches in the new road are seen. Also happening next week will be some shoulder gravelling and other cleanup activities along the project.

New pavement markings will be installed the week of August 27, and will likely take at least three days to complete. The mailbox drop off area near 90th Avenue will also be finished with some minor concrete curb and sidewalk work, finish a handful of asphalt sidewalk and driveway areas, and install and move some signs. Traffic delays from now until the project is finished will be minor compared to what has occurred over the last two weeks with the pavement grinding and paving. Thank you again for your patience over the last 8 weeks.

9/4/2012: Over the last two weeks, the contractor has raised and patched most of the utility castings along the project and about 80% of the new pavement markings have been installed. Drivers have likely noticed that construction activity along Island Crest Way is dramatically less than it has been over the last month. That is because we are almost done! There is still a fair amount of cleanup to do along the project, including minor landscaping, driveway paving and a few small sidewalk areas that need completion.

Next week, the striping contractor will be back to finish the pavement marking work, which will include some minor changes north of Merrimount Drive to complete the transition to the new three-lane configuration. All the traffic markings should be done by the end of next week. Some work that still needs to be completed is installing and/or moving traffic signs, traffic curbs, and the mailbox at 90th Avenue (once the sidewalk is poured). Traffic disruptions from now on should be minor, because the remaining work is relatively small.


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