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Washing Machines - WashWise Program

This fact sheet covers resource-efficient clothes washing machines. Throughout the world, people are asking for products that will preserve the environment while meeting high standards for performance. Resource-efficient washing machines do both.

What Is A “Resource-Efficient” Washing Machine?
A resource-efficient machine is one that uses less water and energy. Most of the resource-efficient machines that qualify for a WashWise rebate are front-loading models. However, a small number of resource-efficient top-loading models are also available. The front-loading machines are designed to let the clothes fall into the wash drum as it spins, using less water while being gentler on clothes. Top-loading resource-efficient machines use innovative designs to get clothes clean using less water.

Receive A $100 Rebate
As an incentive to purchase a qualified resource-efficient washer, you can receive a $100 rebate. The washing machine must be installed where water is supplied by one of the 26 participating local water service providers (listed to the left). To receive a rebate, simply complete a rebate form, and return it along with a receipt and other documentation of the purchase of a “qualified” machine. All rebates are mailed in the form of a check. You can receive a rebate form from your retailer or by calling (206) 684-SAVE.

Save Energy, Too!
In addition to using water, washing clothes requires energy to both heat up the water and dry the clothes. Resource-efficient washers reduce the amount of energy needed to heat water (since less water is being used). On most resource- efficient machines, the spin cycle is faster than on standard machines, removing more water and thereby saving energy by reducing drying time.

How Much Money Will The Washwise Washer Save?
The amount of money saved with a resource-efficient washing machine, compared to a standard washer, will depend primarily on how often you use it. If you wash five loads a week and heat your water with electricity, you can expect to save about $40-$60 per year in water, sewer, and energy costs. Resource-efficient front-loading machines also require less detergent, saving another $15 or more each year, for a total of $55-$75 per year.

How You Wash Can Save Water, Too
Even if you decide not to purchase a resource-efficient washer, you can save water when washing clothes by doing full loads or setting the machine to the proper load size. Compared to a hot or warm rinse, using a cold water rinse will save energy and get clothes just as clean.


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