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Company Inspections

Mercer Island Starbucks
ercer Island Starbucks

As part of it's dedication to the prevention of fire and injuries, the Mercer Island Fire Department works with the community through an inspection program.

Each year Mercer Island Firefighters inspect commercial and multi-family occupancies for fire and life safety hazards. Hazards found by fire personnel are noted and reviewed with the occupant or building management.  These inspections are manadated by City Ordinance as part of the business license agreement.

When an occupancy is found to have hazard(s), the Fire Department reviews these with the occupant and firefighters will then return approximately 30 days later to ensure correction of the hazard(s) originally noted.

Firefighters review any outstanding hazard(s) with the occupant. If corrections are not made with the first visit by the firefighters, the Fire Marshal will return approximately two weeks later to ensure that those items not corrected during the previous visit, are completed.

When corrections have not been completed as prescribed, the City of Mercer Island may enforce these by way of a citation.

The inspection period typically begins in January each year, and is completed by late spring.

For further information about the inspection program and process, contact the Main Fire Station.

Company Inspections
An inspection includes the following review:
  • Update and review of vital information.
  • Review of compliance with Fire Code (IFC).
  • Review of building layout by fire personnel for pre-incident information and training.
  • Review of building fire protections systems for pre-incident information and training.
  • Review of site hazards, access and evacuation routes.


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