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9611 SE 36th Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Phone: 206.275.7793
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Citizen of the Year Award Criteria

The City Council began recognizing outstanding efforts of citizens in 1990.
Selection Criteria:
  • Honoree should be someone who is unrecognized for his/her contributions but is obvious to everyone as a good choice.
  • Should be someone who has given service to the community either on Mercer Island or in the broader community in such a way as to reflect on Mercer Island.
  • Every attempt to de-politicize the nominee and their efforts in the community should be taken, but politics should not exclude a good candidate.
  • The nominations are taken at the annual Council retreat. If no one person is an obvious choice, it is better to have no choice than a wrong choice.
  • An attempt is made to recognize someone who has given a broad base of community service but has not been recognized in a lot of ways.
  • No elected official in office or known to be candidate for elective office may receive the award (added 3/2001).
Past Recipients
  • 1990: Barbara Swier & Phil Flash
  • 1991: John Nelson
  • 1992: Dr. Floyd Short
  • 1993: Anna Matheson & Delores Erchinger
  • 1994: Pam Eakes
  • 1995: John Steding
  • 1996: Fay Witney
  • 1997: Pat Braman
  • 1998: MI Clergy Association: Bill Clements, Woody Carlson, Paul Fauske, Wynton Dunford, David Rose, Lisa Gelber, Richard Johnson, John Bowman, Carla Berkedal, Randal Gardner, Jack Olive, Eric Newberg, Jeff Holland, Michael Bush, Frederic Harder, Susan Price, Dale Sewall, Jean Davis, John Fellows, Kimbrough Besheer, and Marlow Schoop.
  • 1999: Aircraft Noise Abatement Steering Committee: Ira Appelman, Charlie Barb, Jim Gilchrist, Carol Heltzel, Tom Heltzel, Lorelei Herres, Tom Hildebrandt, Elizabeth Huber, Francoise Martin , Maxine Misselwitz, Ted Misselwitz, Phil Ohringer, Fran Ohringer, Kevin Peck, Sue Stewart, Nick Vedder
  • 2000: Don Cohen
  • 2001: Eugene Ferguson
  • 2002: Jan Deveny
  • 2003: Myra Lupton
  • 2004: Aubrey Davis
  • 2005: Ben Wolfe
  • 2006: Margaret and Kenneth Quarles
  • 2007: Jim Trombold
  • 2008: Organizers and volunteers of the inaugural 2008 Mercer Island Farmers Market
  • 2009: Blair Rasmussen
  • 2010: Susan Kaplan and Terry Pottmeyer
  • 2011: Dr. Michael Copass
  • 2012: Fran Call
  • 2013: Mercer Island Preschool Association
  • 2014: Roger and Nancy Page (Island Books)
  • 2015: Nancy Stewart
  • 2016: Terry Moremon


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