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City Council Urges Compliance With Social Distancing Rules

Mar 23, 2020 - ​

Dear Mercer Island Community, 

When you receive warnings or see signs restricting or limiting public gathering, please show your care for each other by complying with both the spirit and letter of them. With thoughtfulness and compassion, we will get through this crisis together.

Life as we have known it has changed in unimaginable ways during the last few months because of the COVID-19 virus. Events are canceled. Schools are closed.  Some businesses are closed. Others are struggling to stay afloat. The term social distancing is now part of our everyday language.  

Sadly, according to our health officials it does not appear that this health crisis will end any time soon.  As the City Council works alongside the City Manager and her leadership team to ensure that core services continue to be provided to our community, it is also incumbent upon each and every one of us to do more to help. 

We believe that the most important action individual Islanders can take is to follow the advice and recommendations of our public health authorities by engaging in social distancing wherever you are and by staying at home to the fullest extent that you can.

We are all confronted daily by this serious health issue that affects all ages, and we all have a part to play in slowing the spread of the virus.  That means we need to think not only about how our actions might increase our own risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, but also how our actions might increase the risk that others will contract this virus and suffer great impact to their lives. We also encourage parents to emphasize the importance of social distancing with your children.

Stay safe and healthy.


Mayor Benson Wong
Deputy Mayor Wendy Weiker
Councilmember Lisa Anderl
Councilmember Jake Jacobson
Councilmember Salim Nice
Councilmember Craig Reynolds
Councilmember David Rosenbaum


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