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Update on Mercer Island Cougar Sighting (8/28)

Aug 28, 2019 - At this time, the only confirmed sightings remain August 5 and 6, due to video evidence. On those dates, security cameras captured overnight footage of a cougar (aka: mountain lion) near Pioneer Park on Mercer Island. Since then, various other potential sightings have been called in to the Mercer Island Police Department (MIPD), which has investigated each call thoroughly, but has been unable to confirm any other sightings.

Visit the City's new cougar webpage to stay up to date on news, sightings, read Q&A, or submit a question.

The MIPD has visited numerous locations across the Island and has consulted the experts from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) on every call.  In several cases, extensive WDFW field investigations have revealed no cougar tracks or other supporting evidence. 

The MIPD asks that any resident who sees the cougar to immediately call 9-1-1; officers will investigate, and if necessary, will attempt to tree the animal, or use force if the cougar poses an imminent threat to the public.
On Tuesday, September 3, WDFW experts will speak to the City Council about the response to the cougar sightings so far. This Special Study Session will start at 6:45pm, before the normal Council Meeting, in City Hall. As usual, the City will broadcast the meeting live via the Council YouTube channel as well as on MI-TV Channel 21. The archived video will also be available for viewing after the meeting.
Finally, the City is aware of reports of a potential cougar sighting in Olympia, though these are unconfirmed at this time. The City is discussing the situation with WDFW experts, and learning more about the differences in case-by-case tactics.
Updates, news, Q&A, etc. will continue to be posted on the City's new cougar webpage.

For more general information about cougars and safety, please visit:


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