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Bus Intercept Working Group Update

Aug 6, 2019 – On July 25, a Council and staff working group, led by Deputy Mayor Salim Nice and Councilmember Benson Wong, began convening to identify alternatives for the design of a bus intercept configuration that would facilitate transfers to and from the future East Link rail station on Mercer Island.  See previous news release.
Today the group, including the City’s consultant Modern Traffic Consultants and representatives from Mercer Island Police and Fire, met again to discuss viable concepts, narrowing candidate designs based on engineering and operational feasibility. The shortlist includes some new conceptual design elements that will seek to protect pedestrian and cyclist safety, reduce projected transfer times between bus and rail, and make transit as easy to use as possible. Keeping local traffic moving and planning for police and fire emergency responses are also key considerations. Both community and Council ideas were evaluated during the process.
The group will discuss this latest iteration with Sound Transit, Metro and WSDOT staff in order to confirm transit data and engineering assumptions, and to determine if the conceptual design is attainable.
After several more planned meetings and discussions with the outside agencies, the working group is expected to present its findings at the August 20 Council Meeting for full Council consideration.

Learn more about bus and rail transit integration:


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