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New Distracted Driving Law Effective July 23

July 21, 2017 - Beginning Sunday, July 23,it will be against the law for Washington drivers to use hand-held cell phones while they are driving.  This includes all electronic devices, even tablets, laptops and video games. Tickets for driving while using hand-held electronics will go on a driver's record and be reported to insurance providers.

City vehicles and employees will be following the new regulations and the City encourages all residents to learn the new law -- patrols will be in effect.

No Hand-Held Cell Phone Use While Driving:
  • Even when stopped in traffic or at a traffic light
  • No typing messages or accessing information
  • No watching videos or using cameras
You CAN Use Your Device If You Are:
  • Hands-free (such as using Bluetooth) and can start use by a single touch or swipe, without holding the phone
  • Parked or out-of-the-flow of traffic
  • Starting your GPS or music before you drive
  • Contacting emergency services
Fines for Electronics DUI (E-DUI) Tickets:
A Driving Under the Influence of Electronics ticket (E-DUI) costs $136 for the first offense, and $234 for a second offense within 5 years. 
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