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Utility Board - Minutes     
Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Call To Order:

Chairman Ben Levie called the regular meeting of the Utility Board to order at 7:06 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, WA.

Chairman Ben Levie, Vice Chairman Kwan Wong, Tim O’Connell, Steve Milton, Glynda Steiner, Wendy Walker and Susan Kaltenbach were present. Council Liaison Tana Senn was absent.

City staff: Maintenance Director Glenn Boettcher, City Engineer Patrick Yamashita, and Recording Secretary Asea Sandine were also present.

The minutes of May 14, 2013 were approved with the name correction from Kaltenbauch to Kaltenbach in New Board Member Introductions section.

King County Water Land and Resources Division – Water Quality Planner Debra Bouchard

Regular Business:

King County Stormwater Quality Monitoring
Patrick Yamashita, City Engineer, introduced Water Quality Planner Debra Bouchard. Bouchard shared a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted the historical purpose for storm water quality monitoring, sampling locations, regional comparisons of nutrients (phosphorus); biological (fecal coliform); dissolved metals (copper and zinc); pesticides/herbicides (diazinon) and sediment metals (copper and zinc). Bouchard advised that looking ahead the plan is to proceed with efforts to reduce the pollutants if and when the sources are identified through monitoring efforts. Bouchard concluded the presentation with a summary of possible actions to reduce dissolved copper and zinc (summarized from Table ES-2 in Washington Dept. of Ecology’s Toxics in Surface Runoff to Puget Sound).

2013 Work Plan
Boettcher advised that there would not be a meeting in August and shared that in September Francie Lake will begin discussing Sewer and Stormwater rates followed by Water rates in October. Other topics to be scheduled before the end of the year are as follows:

  • Water System plan: The City is working on updates to the plan. This topic is likely to be scheduled in the fall.
  • Sewer System Grease Prevention: This is a sustainability topic the Board expressed interest in. Likely to be scheduled before the end of the year.
  • Commercial Multi-Family Recycling: Another sustainability topic the Board expressed interest in. Boettcher shared he would invite the Sustainability and Communications Manager Ross Freeman to attend the Board meeting.
  • Boettcher advised that he would be presenting the Sewer Code updates at a future Council meeting.

Next Meeting: The next scheduled meeting is September 10, 2013.

Adjournment: 8:26 p.m.

Asea Sandine

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