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City Council - Minutes     
Monday, October 04, 2010

Call To Order:


Mayor Jim Pearman called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.



Roll Call: 


Councilmembers Bruce Bassett, Mike Cero, Dan Grausz, Steve Litzow, Deputy Mayor El Jahncke and Mayor Jim Pearman were present. Councilmember Mike Grady was absent.





United States Marshals Service Award


Mayor Jim Pearman introduced Fire Chief Chris Tubbs who told the story of those who participated in life saving events on June 7, 2010 as follows:


At approximately 6:00am an unknown white male was running on the Islander Middle School track. Two eye witnesses participating in an exercise group, later identified as Erin White and Eric Weber, observed the unknown white male collapse. Realizing that he was not responsive, Erin White started CPR immediately. Eric Weber called 911 then returned to assist Erin with CPR until Fire Aid Units arrived.


Mercer Island Fire Aid Units arrived along with a Bellevue Medic Unit. The unknown white male responded to their efforts and momentarily regained some level of alertness. He was transported to Overlake Hospital via the Bellevue Medic Unit. Identity could not be established because the unknown white male was not carrying identification. It was later determined that the unknown patient was Assistant Chief Deputy U.S Marshal Jack Williams. Marshal Williams has made a full recovery and returned to active duty at the end of August.


Dr. Mickey Eisenberg, Director for King County Emergency Medical Services Division of Public Health - Seattle & King County, spoke about the importance of early recognition and citizen CPR and defibrillation and demonstrated how to use a defibrillator.


David Miller, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, Western District Of Washington presented a  plaque and letters of commendation to Citizens Erin White and Eric Weber who assisted with CPR and calling 911.  He also presented a plaque and letters of commendation to the Mercer Island Fire Department, Bellevue Fire Dept and the Mercer Island Police Department for the response to the incident.


Chief Deputy U.S Marshal Jack Williams thanked citizens and responders for their help in saving his life.





Ira Appelman, 6213 83rd Avenue SE, spoke about the federal judge decision to require City to release documents in a lawsuit.  He stated that he sent information to citizens regarding a cover-up of misconduct by City personnel.  He objects to the way the City Council is supervising the current lawsuit in federal court.


Mayor Pearman responded that the Court decided that an investigation conducted by an attorney was privileged and now reversed its decision.  He stated that the ruling does not affect the City’s strong belief that the City will prevail at trial.


Marc Clausen, 6107 SE 32nd Street, thanked the Council for the paving work that was completed this summer.  He urged the Council not to weaken any of the protections and facilities that are in place to encourage non-motorized transportation.





(1)        It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Councilmember Bassett to:

Adopt the Regular Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2010 as written.

Motion PASSED 6-0.



Consent Calendar:


(2)        Payables:         $343,373.64 (9/22/2010) & $1,872,086.79 (9/29/10)

Recommendation: Certify that the materials or services hereinbefore specified have been received and that all warrant numbers listed are approved for payment.


            Payroll:             $642,794.64 (9/24/2010)

Recommendation: Certify that the materials or services specified have been received and that all fund warrants are approved for payment.


(3)        AB 4577            Memorandum of Understanding Waiving 2011 Cost of Living Adjustments For Fire Union

Recommendation: Approve the Memorandum of Understanding attached as Exhibit 1 of AB 4577 and authorize its execution by the City Manager.


It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Councilmember Bassett to:

Approve the Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.

Motion PASSED 6-0.



Regular Business:


(4)        AB 4574            PBF Plan Follow Up – Mercer Ways Parking Issues


City Engineer Patrick Yamashita presented portions of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Plan which provides options for implementing changes to parking on East and West Mercer Ways.


It was moved by Councilmember Grausz; seconded by Councilmember Cero to:

Direct staff to return with a program to implement parking restrictions on all improved roadside shoulders on the inside of East and West Mercer Ways with the least amount of signage that is feasible and allowing for special events and nighttime parking

Motion PASSED 4-2 (Deputy Mayor Jahncke and Mayor Pearman dissented).



(5)        AB 4575            2011-2012 Preliminary Budget Presentation


City Manager Rich Conrad and Finance Director Chip Corder presented the 2011-2012biennial budget to the City Council.


The presentation included a budget process recap, an overview of the organization of the budget and the context for the 2011-2012 budget in light of the adopted priorities of government and the citizen survey results from January 2010.  An overview of the General Fund, Utilities, the Capital Improvement Program and a staffing summary was also given. 


The Budget Hearing schedule is as follows:

·         October 4: Preliminary Budget Presentation by City Manager and Finance Director

·         October 18: Budget Review of Capital Improvement Program and Utility Funds

·         November 1: Budget Review of Other Operating Funds (Beautification, Municipal Arts, YFS, Equipment Rental, Computer Equipment, Contingency, Firemen’s Pension)

·         November 4: Budget Review of Criminal Justice Fund and General Fund (City Council, City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Maintenance, Municipal Court, Non-Departmental and Police operating budgets)

·         November 15: Budget Review of General Fund (Parks & Recreation and Development Services operating budgets), follow-up items, Adoption of 2011 Property Tax Levy, Adoption of 2011 Utility Rates and Adoption of 2011 Development Fees

·         December 6: Adoption of 2011-2012 Final Budget





Councilmember Absences:

Councilmember Grady’s absence was excused.


Planning Schedule:

A Special/Joint Meeting with the MISD School Board was added on October 18, 2010 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers.


Board Appointments:

It was moved by Councilmember Bassett; seconded by Councilmember Litzow to:

Appoint Debbie Bertlin to Position No. 4 (Expiring May 2014) on the Open Space Conservancy Trust and David Rose to Position No. 12 (expiring May 2011) on the Youth and Family Services Advisory Board.

Motion PASSED 6-0.


Councilmember Reports:

There were no reports.



Executive Session:


Mayor Pearman adjourned the Regular Meeting and convened the Executive Session at 9:35 pm to discuss potential litigation pursuant RCW 42.30.110(1)(i) for approximately 15 minutes.


At 9:50 pm, Mayor Pearman extended the Executive Session by 20 minutes.


The Executive Session was adjourned at 10:10 pm and the Regular Meeting was reconvened.



Adjournment:          10:10 pm

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