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Utility Board - Minutes     
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Call To Order:


John Ewald called to order the regular meeting of the Utility Board at 7:13 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 9611 S.E. 36th St., Mercer Island, WA.




Board Members John Ewald, Callie Ridolfi, Ben Levie and Joel Massman were present.  Council Liaison Bruce Bassett was present.  Board Members Robert Sexton and David Laub were absent.


Staff Members Glenn Boettcher, Francie Lake and Terry Winkel were present.




The Minutes of the March 10, 2009 meeting were approved.                                                                                                                             



Nels Johnson, Municipal Contracts Manager, and Steve Difabion, Division General Manager 


Regular Business:


Water Rate Analysis

Francie reviewed the 2009 Water Rate Study update and the Boardís Work Plan schedule for addressing the three issues facing the Water Utility:  1) Calculation of Fire Protection Liability, 2) Capital Funding and 3) Review of Block Structure for Rates.


Allied Draft Contract

Glenn advised the Board that a recommendation is needed from them regarding the proposed rate increase and subsidy levels.


Nels Johnson and Steve Difabion distributed handouts regarding the feasibility of purchasing a hybrid for the new truck that is scheduled to be acquired under the proposed new contract and advised they are working with a local vendor to determine if the hybrid unit can be placed on a smaller truck as is needed for servicing Mercer Island.  The Board directed Allied to submit their purchase proposal to the Board for review prior to purchasing a new truck.


Glenn advised the Board that after Chris Bellís analysis of the proposed contract, he stated the proposal appeared fair and lean and suggested the Board may want to encourage residents to change to smaller cans.  The Board recommended eliminating customer provided 32 gallon cans for safety and ergonomic reasons and replacing them with 32 gallon toters and asked Allied to develop a list of the benefits to using toters.   The Board also recommended that the toter rental charges be added to the new service level rates instead of shown as a separate charge.


Ben Levie made a motion to recommend that Council approve the rate increases as proposed by Allied Waste, with the toter rental charge as a part of those new rates.  Callie Ridolfi seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Glenn asked the Board to provide representation at the July 21st Council Meeting and advised that Chris Bell would also be invited to attend.


Project Updates


  • Sanitary Sewer Lake Line Project:Lake Line construction window begins early July.  Some additional grants and loans may be available.
  • Emergency Well Project:The project goes to bid in June.  Sale of the 1st Hill property is on hold.  The roof design now includes solar panels.
  • A tree canopy study is under way to encourage the planting of additional trees on private property.
  • The 72nd street project may be completed ahead of schedule.
  • The water conservation efforts this year will include letters to all Island residents comparing their water use to others in their neighborhood and others in the City. 





Next Meeting:  


The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, June 9, 2009.  


Adjournment:           9:30 p.m.


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